Which One Is Better for Blogging: WordPress, Or Blogger?

wordspress or blogger

Image Source: pixabay.com

So, you have decided to start your blog, and you are done writing up a few solid pieces for it as well. But you are in doubt about which platform to choose- WordPress or Blogger. Which option can give you impressive traffic, such as the Breakout Escape Rooms blog?  

Well, here is a comprehensive comparative study of both blogging websites to help you with this crucial decision. 

WordPress Vs. Blogger – Know now what suits you! 

1.      User-friendly or not? 

Blogger – Setting up your blog using Blogger is pretty easy. All you will need is your own Google account. Simply go to the website and sign up using your Google account, and you will have your blog created right away. 

You can then gradually modify the layout and make changes whenever required. However, if you wish to change the design or theme of your blog, you would require considerable HTML skills for that. 

WordPress – Setting up your WordPress account is also a simple and easy process. After an account is created, you can choose a suitable theme for your blog from the available options. Remember that for WordPress, your theme will determine the template of your blog.  

After this, you can go ahead and choose suitable plugins to add new features to your blog. WordPress makes creating text content and adding media to them is very easy with the block editor option. You also have another option called the “drag and drop page builders” that can help you customize almost anything as per your choice.  

So, with Blogger, you have the ease of setup, but WordPress comes with the added perks of detailed customization.  

2.      Who owns your blog? 

Blogger – Blogger is a platform that is owned completely by Google. It is a free and secure website to create and post your blog. Furthermore, it has enough features to easily post your content on the web. But you don’t own your blog here. Your blog, in the end, is owned by Google. So, if Google wants, it can shut down your blog at any time. 

WordPress – Here, you are free to use a suitable WordPress hosting provider to host the website. The time for which your blog will run is decided by you and no one else. WordPress does not hold the authority to take down your blog. Further, here you are also free to shift your blog to a brand-new web host if you so desire, which is impossible with Blogger.  

So, when it comes to creative ownership, WordPress is obviously the better choice.  

3.      Is your platform flexible enough? 

Blogger – Flexibility is an important factor when it comes to blogging. Being a rather simple blogging platform, Blogger does not offer you a great many features to access. There are a couple of built-in gadgets that you can use. However, even the functioning of these gadgets is pretty limited, and you cannot use any third-party alternative for them either. So, money-making options are pretty limited if you use Blogger as your platform.  

WordPress – Being an open-source program, WordPress easily enables you to add new features with the help of plugins and third-party integrations. Some of the plugins are available for free, while for some, you need to register for a premium account. With coding skills, you are even free to create your plugins to add to your blog.  

So, even on the customization front, WordPress is the more flexible option.  

4.      How does your blog look? 

Blogger – Since Blogger provides its users with only a few basic templates, it is hard to make your blog stand out from the others on the platform. You are only entitled to change the color or layout of your blog, but even that needs to be done using the built-in tools. There is no option to help you create new templates or even modify the old ones on Blogger.  

WordPress – There are so many free and paid options when it comes to choosing your theme and layout in WordPress. Alongside the several free templates the website offers, you can also use third-party extensions in your blog. What’s even more interesting is that you can use the drag and drop page builder tool on WordPress to design your pages too!  


Even though both Blogger and WordPress have several users these days, your choice of the platform is primarily dependent on your purpose. If you are looking for a place to create more of a personal blog, then Blogger is a good enough platform. But, if you are looking for earning opportunities, or just more professional prospects in general, WordPress would be the right platform to be at.